According to a recent report exploring the reasons rehab therapists leave traditional care roles, the primary contributors are lack of professional growth opportunities (85% of respondents) and insufficient salary/benefits (73%). Emotional burnout was also a major contributor, reported by 68% of the respondents. Respondents were able to select multiple reasons.

The breakdown of reasons that clinicians are leaving the field is as follows:

Lack of professional growth opportunities: 85.58%

Insufficient salary and benefits: 73.49%

Emotional burnout: 67.91%

Work-life balance issues: 60.93%

Desire for a new career challenge: 59.53%

Excessive workload: 54.88%

Documentation burden: 48.37%

Impact of health care policies: 37.67%

Workplace culture or environment: 35.81%

Physical demands of the job: 33.95%

Insufficient administrative support: 26.98%

Outdated equipment and/or technology: 14.88%

Other: 6.51%

These findings are based on a survey conducted by Prompt EMR in partnership with The Clinician Transition, an online community of physical therapists and other rehab therapy experts that recently left or are considering alternative career paths. The full report, which includes additional insights, is available on the Prompt website.

“We’ve talked with thousands of practice owners, and hiring or retaining therapists is far and away the issue we hear about most. Hopefully, these findings can help practice owners identify areas for improvement in their own practice and provider experience. We fully believe in a positive future for this industry and want to stir conversations that will help us grow toward it together. Our goal is to make the field more sustainable and rewarding so patients can continue to receive this critical healthcare from happy, healthy clinicians.” – Adam Baliatico, Prompt EMR co-founder and COO.

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