DDG isn’t here for the backlash over handling his daddy’s duties! As previously reported, the YouTuber went viral recently after documenting his son’s first line-up. Halo, whom he shares with Halle Bailey, is only about six months old.

A video shows DDG holding the infant’s head between both his hands to keep him steady as the barber begins the haircut. As soon as the clippers touched Halo’s head, he cried. After giving him a bottle, the baby remained still for the shape-up and his daddy couldn’t be more proud!

Meanwhile, as suggested, social media users were NAWT, with plenty of critiques about his parenting flooding Instagram, X, and Facebook. Now, DDG is making it clear that Papa D is focused on his child, and others should follow suit. The baby could be heard in the background of D’s clapback.

“People got something got to say because I got my son a line up at six months. Listen y’all, y’all worry ’bout your own kids,” Darryl said. “He came out of my balls. not yours. Worry about your own baby. Worry about your daddy. Why your daddy couldn’t afford you a haircut? Let me be a happy dad.”

He continued, seemingly suggesting Black people are the main demographic speaking against him. The YouTuber added that Black people are “so used to Black men being unpresent fathers” that seeing a “present father” inspires “bad” commentary.

“Why y’all always gotta say negative things about your own race? Instead, you should’ve just said the lining is crispy, cause it is, I know,” he said, proceeding to show Halo in his stroller.

The online personality also teased his viewers about teaching Halo “how to drive.”

However, Mama Hailey has yet to comment on the lineup debate or her position on Darryl’s decision.

The pair gagged the internet when they revealed Halo’s face for the first time over the weekend, after months of hiding it behind emojis and certain postures while on camera. Photos showed Bailey and her son’s father dressed in sparkling white and silver outfits while their little one stunned in a white Dolce & Gabbana outfit.

Since then, DDG has shared additional moments with his only child, including hilarious mirror selfie moments.

Halle has eased up posting him on her Instagram timeline, though. But mommy is no stranger to expressing her public love for her son. Earlier this year, she released the track ‘In Your Hands,’ including Halo in the final frame of the official music video.

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