Whew! Ryan Garcia is trending again on social media for more not-great reasons. This time, the disgraced boxer is facing allegations from his ex-wife, Andrea Celina, that he trashed their family home and has been verbally harassing and threatening her.

Here’s What Ryan Garcia’s Ex-Wife Shared

Celina posted surveillance footage and several messages to her Instagram Story. Several posts have surfaced on X(formerly Twitter) showing screenshots of what Andrea shared. One screenshot shows a  male seemingly appearing to be Ryan inside the house, lifting a small trampoline above his head.

Nearby, there were different household and personal items tossed about the living room, kitchen, and dining area, according to multiple photos. In one caption, Andrea accused her ex-husband of “slandering” her name while she’s been “nothing but forgiving.” Additionally, she pleaded with his supporters and loved ones to “encourage him to get help.”

“Enough is enough this man is not stable and it’s clear he is struggling,” Andrea Celina wrote.

Another screenshot shows Andrea’s alleged call log with back-to-back missed Facetime and phone calls from Ryan—only a minute apart. “When Ryan is done partying and wants to be a father, this is how he reacts if I don’t answer within minutes,” Andrea alleged.

She added that trashing their home is allegedly Ryan Garcia’s reaction to her request for supervised visits with their children. According to PEOPLE, Andrea and Ryan started dating in 2019 and got married in 2021. They got divorced in January of this year but had two kids, Bela and Henry, during the run of their relationship.

“Ryan needs to focus on getting sober. I do not want anyone who is always under the influence around my children and causing harm and destroying our home physically had destroyed all of our TVs and has broken everything in my house because he acts like a child,” Andrea Celina shared.

Meanwhile, an alleged text message exchange between the exes shows Ryan begging to see the kids while Andrea Celina explains her terms. Another shows back-to-back alleged texts from Ryan riddled with insults and the threat “Ima f*ck you up.” 

What’s Been Going On With The Boxer?

Garcia has been at the center of headlines recently after the aftermath of his match with Devin Haney in April. He had initially won, but tests later showed positive results for the performance-enhancing drug Ostarine.

The New York State Athletic Commission suspended him from boxing for a year and overturned his W in the Haney match to be a no-contest. Garcia announced his retirement soon after.

Most recently, the global pro-boxing council expelled him after he used racial slurs online. X rants have also been at the center of discussions about the boxer.

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Despite his ex-wife’s posts going viral, Garcia seems to be taking it easy on his X timeline. He informed his followers that he was “headed to Bangkok” on Wednesday (July 10).

Elsewhere on his profile, he shared his support for Donald Trump’s presidential race and newfound interest in wrestling and securing a coach.

Andrea Celina has not reacted to his alleged Bangkok travel plans.


Ryan Recently Offered Bhad Bhabie Consolation For Her Domestic Abuse Experience

Andrea’s allegations come just days after Ryan Garcia offered another woman retaliation for an abusive situation. On July 7, he shared a message on X for Danielle Bregoli (also known as Bhad Bhabie), writing, “I got you, Danielle, just let me catch that guy outside.” 

His post was a response to photos an X user reshared from the ‘Gucci Flip Flops’ rapper’s Instagram page. Earlier this week, the 21-year-old accused her daughter’s father, Le Vaughn, of abusing her. The photos circulating, which Bhabie first posted, show her swollen shut, black eye, and scratches on her face.

Most recently, she spoke about whether she plans to stay with Le Vaughn after admitting that she loves him more than herself.

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