We’ve been preparing for this for months – Samsung unveiled its next generation of foldables, its first smart ring, its first Ultra watch, another watch and also refreshed its TWS buds.

We have review samples, so expect hands-on reviews with these soon. In the meantime, here are the details on availability and pricing.

For almost every market we checked, the new products go on pre-order today (July 10) and that will last for two weeks – open sales start on July 24. The only exception we noticed is Australia, where pre-orders start July 11 and sales start July 31.

As an incentive for pre-ordering, Samsung is offering a free storage upgrade for the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Z Fold6. For the latter, this also includes the 1TB version (which is currently at the price the 512GB model will be after July 23).

On top of that, there are trade-in deals to help reduce the final price (there are trade-in offers for everything, even the buds). Also, the price of Samsung Care+ for the new models has been slashed.

Galaxy Z Fold6
256GB 512GB 1TB
US $1,900 $2,020 $2,260
Canada C$2,565 C$2,725 C$3,045
Europe €2,000 €2,120 €2,360
UK £1,800 £1,900 £2,100
Australia A$2,750 A$2,950 A$3,300
India ₹165,000 ₹177,000 ₹201,000
Galaxy Z Flip6
256GB 512GB 1TB
US $1,100 $1,220
Canada C$1,463 C$1,623
Europe €1,200 €1,320
UK £1,050 £1,150
Australia A$1,800 A$2,000
India ₹110,000 ₹122,000

And here are the prices for the headphones and smart wearables. Note that if you’re purchasing a Z foldable, you should be able to score a 25% discount on a pair of Buds3 or a Galaxy Watch7/Ultra. The discount actually varies by region and device and can be as high as 50% off.

Galaxy Buds
Buds3 Buds3 Pro
US $210 $280
Canada C$210 C$330
Europe €180 €250
UK £160 £220
Australia A$300 A$400
India ₹15,000 ₹20,000

Galaxy wearables
Watch7 (BT / 4G) Watch Ultra (4G) Ring
40mm 44mm 47mm Size 5-13
US $300 / $350 $330 / $380 $650 $400
Canada C$410 / C$480 C$450 / C$520 C$880
Europe €320 / €370 €350 / €400 €700 €450
UK £290 / £340 £320 / £370 £600 £400
Australia A$550 / A$650 A$600 / A$700 A$1,300
India ₹30,000 / ₹34,000 ₹33,000 / ₹37,000 ₹60,000

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