Claw Stars x Usagyuuun marks the very first time Usagyuuun—the popular rabbit-based social media sticker character—has appeared in a videogame, and the partnership could not be more adorable.

In case you’ve never encountered Usagyuuun in the wild (which would be surprising, given that more than 6 billion stickers have been downloaded worldwide) here’s the lowdown.

Usagyuuun is a half-rabbit, half mochi creature who appears in countless poses, outfits, and scenarios with one thing in common: the biggest triangular smile you’ve ever seen. There are hundreds of Usagyuuun stickers to collect, along with plushies and other merch.

This highly apt collaboration sees Usagyuuun joining the crew of the spacecraft that travels the universe in Claw Stars, rescuing spherical animals and finding treasure in piles of spherical rubble.

Throughout the event you’ll be able to get your hands on an exclusive Usagyuuun Pack, containing two new spaceships and a ton of other premium content.

The Usagyuuun Ship is pretty much like another ship, but it has Usagyuuun dangling perilously from its fuselage. The Ninjin Rocket, meanwhile, is a far more aerodynamic vehicle in the shape of a carrot.

There’s also a special Usagyuuun joystick and helmet to collect, along with 20 unique spacesuits and another two joysticks. And Usagyuuun’s social media origins are reflected in the exclusive set of chat stickers, profile avatars, and foolstone pics.

Usagyuuun’s feline best friend Nekogyuuun gets to join the party, too, boosting your rewards for clawing and growing more powerful as you collect fragments of their DNA with your claw.

In addition, Claw Stars x Usagyuuun comes with its own special mission: uncover the bunny capsules that are hidden in the game and you’ll earn even more rewards, including an Usagyuuun Costume.

If you choose to fork out for the Usagyuuun Pass, meanwhile, you’ll get to fly in the Nekogyuuun and ride on a gigantic robo-cat.

To join the party, head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download Claw Stars for free right now.

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