Not quite four years into their newlywed bliss, the couple dove into the great undertaking that is parenting, welcoming eldest daughter Hazel in February 2014 and her little sister Violet 28 months later, and settled into a townhouse in Brooklyn some 3,000 miles removed from Hollywood where they felt they had the best shot at some semblance of normality. 

Of course, even grade schoolers know what a movie star is. And so despite their best efforts, Hazel came home from school, Blunt recalled in an interview with the Sunday Times, “and she goes, ‘Are you famous?'” 

It was a first for Blunt, she and Krasinski making the deliberate choice not to use the f-word themselves. “Someone at school had clearly said it,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Um…not really, I don’t think I am. Did someone say that to you, Haze?’ She said, ‘Yeah,’ but then she wouldn’t divulge much more, you know, but it’s weird. It’s weird.”

It’s not so much that she cares about her station in the industry, but, “I don’t want my kids to feel any more important or special or that there’s a glare on them any more than other kids,” she explained. “If they can remain oblivious for the longest time, I’d be thrilled. They don’t even want to see what I do.”

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