Microsoft is reshaping its Game Pass subscriptions – the Ultimate and PC versions are getting more expensive, while console players are gaining access to a new, cheaper Standard version. Also, the Game Pass for Console is getting discontinued.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows you to download and play games on PC and Xbox or use the cloud option, is going from $17 a month to $20 a month on September 12. These are the US prices, you can see a detailed price breakdown for every supported country in this PDF. Note that the cheaper Game Pass Core (a 12-month subscription) is increasing in price too. Here’s a quick look at the changes:

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
From To
US $17 $20
Europe €15 €18
UK £13 £15
India ₹550 ₹830
Xbox Game Pass Core (12 months)
US $60 $75
Europe €60 €70
UK £50 £56
India ₹2,000 ₹3,350

The new Xbox Game Pass Standard is cheaper at $15 for new users of the service. The key differences with Ultimate are that you won’t have access to new game titles on day one and EA Play membership isn’t included.

One more thing – the Standard Pass doesn’t offer Cloud gaming on mobile devices. This also means that the newly launched support for streaming on Amazon Fire TV Stick (4K or 4K Max) isn’t available, in case you were planning on using one of those instead of an Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Pass are getting a price hike, new Standard plan introduced

Some of you may be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for Console. As of today (July 10), this is no longer available to new members. If you are subscribed and have an automatic payment set up, you will retain access to this service. If not, you will have to change to either Standard or Ultimate. Note: Game Pass for Console codes remain redeemable, but there is some fine print. Check out the extension limits.

Prices for the PC Game Pass, which gives you access to PC titles, are changing too, but it is cheaper than the new Xbox Game Pass Standard. And, unlike the Standard plan, you do have access to new games on day one.

PC Game Pass
US $10 $12
Europe €10 €12
UK £8 £10
India ₹350 ₹450


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