While some social media users expressed support for Abigail, others accused her of calling out Katy specifically when other artists also work with Dr. Luke. And when some commenters came after the actress’s career, she clapped back.

For instance, when one X user accused her of sharing the message for clout, Abigail responded, “R u for real?” And when another claimed the “biggest gig” she had was Scream Queens and that she wasn’t “even the main character,” the 28-year-old replied, “Oh s–t, I thought my biggest gig was the one I got nominated for an Oscar for but… ok!”

Ultimately, Abigail suggested she wasn’t going to give these messages any more attention.

“Alright. goodnight everybody,” she later tweeted. “Im not gonna stop speaking out against abuse. I never said a negative thing about your fave. Please relax. Im allowed to have a perspective. You’re allowed to roast my career and treat me horribly but idk why you would. I stand by what I said. Gn.”

E! News has reached out to Katy’s rep for comment but has yet to hear back.

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