If you’ve fallen behind on some of your Fortnite weekly quests and are looking to earn some XP to progress your battle pass further, this guide will help you finish off any lingering Week 6 challenges. These quests are worth 15,000 XP each. So if you complete them all, you’ll rack up 75,000 XP.

Here are all of Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 3 Week 6 quests. You’ll have until August 16, 2024 to finish them:

  • They’re trying to get away! GET ‘EM! – Travel distance while attached to a vehicle with a Tow Hook Cannon (250)
  • Get Away! – Knockback vehicles with Heavy Impact Sniper Rifle (3)
  • It’s like they’re brand new! – Mod weapons at a Mod Bench (4)
  • It’s an island. IN THE SKY! It’s beautiful. Capture Loot Island or a Storm Forecast Tower (3)
  • Mine, mine, mine! – Collect ammo (1,500)

They’re trying to get away! GET ‘EM!

You’ll first need to find a Tow Hook Cannon to complete this quest. These can be randomly found in chests scattered throughout the game. So you may get lucky and find one right away, or it may take the entire match. But once you get one, you’ll want to hook yourself to a moving car. This is easy if you’re playing with a friend; you can have them drive while you latch on to the car as it moves. After you meet the travel requirement of 250, you’ll complete the quest.

Get Away!

The player looks down the scope of a sniper rifle at the rear of a sports car.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

To complete this quest, you must knock back a car three times with a Heavy Impact Sniper Rifle. Thankfully, you can buy a Heavy Impact Sniper Rifle from Hope for 300 gold. You can find her on the eastern border of Sandy Steppes. Once you have your hands on one of these rifles, go outside and shoot the nearest car three times tocomplete the quest.

It’s like they’re brand new!

The player observes a weapon's modification options.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

You’ll need to mod a weapon four times to finish this quest. Modding weapons require a bit of footwork. First, you’ll need to find one of many bunkers scattered around the island.

The character, playing as John Wick's avatar, stands before a locked gate.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

Once you’ve found one, you’ll need to wait for the storm to close. Once it does, the bunkers will start to open up. Be careful because these are usually hotspots for other players, no matter where you are. As soon as you get inside, run straight to the bench and apply four different mods to a gun, and you’ll complete the quest.

It’s an island. IN THE SKY! It’s beautiful

A screenshot of Fortnite's map shows a unique location.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

To complete this quest, you must either Capture Loot Island or a Storm Forecast Tower. This is another quest that’ll require you to stay a bit longer because both locations don’t spawn at the start of the game. For this one, we recommend taking the Storm Forecast Tower, which can be more easily spotted with a special icon on the map.

A player dressed as John Wick looks at a large computer terminal.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

You’ll need to kill a mini-boss and his minions when you get there. After you deal with them, collect the card he drops and return to the station to activate it. This will require you to play at least three games, so don’t expect to complete it all in one go.

Mine, mine, mine!

The player character in Fortnite looks at an ammo pickup.

Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

To complete Mine, mine, mine! All you’ll need to do is collect 1,500 ammo. You can naturally complete this by playing the game, so just go around and open your chest and fight people as you usually would, and you’ll finish it in no time.

And that wraps our guide to finishing off your Week 6 challenges!

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