Newly Formed Lumenco Scientific Will License Technology and Operate Independently of Parent Company

Lumenco, LLC (, a global pioneer in light science technologies, announced today its decision to migrate its patented Solar Chill™ energy-optimizing coating transfer technology (U.S. patent #11,908,965B1) into a newly formed, separately capitalized entity, which will be focused exclusively on the commercialization of the new technology. The new company’s name, Lumenco Scientific, reflects the founders’ mission to apply the science of light to the energy challenges of the future. Lumenco Scientific is actively pursuing licensing opportunities and seeking strategic partners to successfully commercialize the Solar Chill film and coating technologies across the energy sectors. 

Mark Raymond, CEO of Lumenco parent company, explained that Solar Chill™ technology acts as a nano-mask to reflect heat-producing infrared wavelengths while allowing energy-generating visible light to enter the panel. This product uses a combination of nanostructures and metamaterials to allow for this tailored filtering to occur. Panel manufacturers seeking to integrate Solar Chill™ will receive a modified EVA film with the embedded nanostructure-metamaterial mask and substitute this EVA into their manufacturing process with no modifications to the process itself. Internal lab results suggest the potential for Solar Chill to increase energy capture by as much as 20% while extending the life of solar panels by reflecting IR and allowing the panels to stay cooler.

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About Lumenco, The Parent Company of Lumenco Scientific:

Lumenco, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Mark Raymond and Hector Porras. Combined, they have been issued over 65 patents for Lumenco in the micro-optic space for currency anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, solar, lighting and EMI shielding and have licensees and joint ventures in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany and India.

Source: Lumenco, LLC

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