Motorola tipped off pre-orders for its Razr 2024 series foldables in the US and Canada. The Razr 2024 and Razr+ 2024 also known as the Razr 50 and 50 Ultra in other parts of the world are now available for pre-order from Motorola, Amazon, BestBuy as well as T-Mobile and AT&T.

Moto Razr 2024 is available in Beach Sand, Koala Grey, and Spritz Orange colors with a starting price of $699.99 in the US for the 8/256GB trim. The same device will retail for CAD 999.99 north of the border.

Razr+ 2024 gets Midnight Blue, Spring Green, Peach Fuzz and Hot Pink colors and starts at $899.99 in its 12/256GB trim ($100 off from its retail price). Pre-orders in Canada start at CAD 1,199.99.

Pre-orders on Amazon are also eligible for a free 90-day Amazon Music trial. Motorola’s new foldables are scheduled to go on open sale from Wednesday, July 24.

You can read more about the Razr+ 2024 in our detailed review or watch the video breakdown below.

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