Popular YouTuber James “MrBeast” Donaldson explained what he would do if he was elected president of the United States. It basically amounted to him never picking a side and instead looking for a “middle ground” on all issues. This went over poorly online.

Here’s the paragraph where I take a moment to explain who MrBeast is even though it’s very, very likely that you—a reader of Kotaku—already know who this dude is and don’t need a refresher. You can skip ahead. For everyone else, let me explain real fast. MrBeast is an extremely popular content creator known mostly for his “charity” work—giving people shoes, randomly giving away money, etc—which is then documented in videos with some of the most buck-wild thumbnails I’ve ever seen. Thanks to these charity videos and a good understanding of what kids will click on, MrBeast has become one of the biggest creators in the world. Naturally, that means some people have suggested he run for president, and he’s now shared his plan for that hellish potential timeline.

On July 6, MrBeast tweeted out that if the minimum age requirement to become the President of the United States was lowered, he’d “jump in the race.” Currently, you must be 35. And no, there’s no maximum age cap for this office, hence why two bloated corpses who can barely string together coherent sentences are running in 2024. Anyway, on Wednesday, a few days after that initial tweet, MrBeast shared how he would act as president.

“If I were president I wouldn’t care about party lines, I’d just always truly make the American people my #1 priority,” explained MrBeast. “For problems I’m ignorant in I’d have experts from the left and right advise me on them and try to find the middle ground that’s best for America. Wouldn’t be buyable, don’t care about doing things just because my party says I should, and I would focus on uniting the country instead of dividing it.”

People react poorly to MrBeast’s platform

The reaction to this centrist, child-like pitch for president has led to a lot of people roasting the content creator online. Many have asked simple questions like “What’s the middle ground between universal healthcare and no universal healthcare?” or “What’s the middle option between providing LGBTQ people with rights and not doing that?” Some of his fans did reply to these questions and suggest the answer is to do nothing or not change anything, providing people with a great example of why centrists are worthless.

Re-reading his plan, but pretending it was written and read out loud by a 9-year-old child just learning about politics and the world, is not only funny but actually makes more sense. It’s almost cute. Ahh, MrBeast thinks the right and left are equally filled with experts and good people. That’s so adorable.

“Anyways, we can pick this up in 15 years when I’m old enough to run haha,” threatened MrBeast on Twitter. Conveniently, MrBeast didn’t suggest what party he would run with, likely to avoid alienating any of his fans.

I’m not surprised that someone as popular as MrBeast is hopping online to suggest he might run for president. The conversation online has lately been focused on replacing Biden following his dismal performance in the debate last month. And MrBeast is good at chasing a trend. Still, I can’t believe that I’d rather vote for zombie Biden than MrBeast. Yet here we are.

Now, someone pester Ninja into sharing his presidential platform on Twitter and we can get a sneak peek at what our options will be in like 10 years when all these popular creators are old enough to run and their fans are old enough to vote. Or maybe climate change will wipe us all out by then. Let’s hope!


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