The new app Strolly helps add some adventure to your daily walking routine by creating random, looping walking routes in your area.

Using the app takes just a few minutes. To begin, you’ll start by selecting a starting location. The app will then get to work providing three different walking suggestions each day.

All three suggestions appear on the bottom left part of the map page. Just select one to see the specific route, along with estimated time and mileage.

If there is an area that’s bad for walking, you can tap to flag it. That will improve future walk generation. You can also select a preferred walk length—short, medium, or long.

After that, you can start enjoying the unique walking path.

The app uses Apple’s secure mapping and location services so all of the app’s route data will stay only on your device.

In just a few taps, I was able to create some unique walking paths around my home neighborhood. I’m looking forward to trying out Strolly more and find out some of the additional routes it can create.

Strolly is only for the iPhone and a free download now on the App Store.

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