In 2023, Quran and Cheryl Mccain went viral after showing off their 37-year age gap on TikTok. Then, in June, the couple revealed they are preparing to welcome their first child together via surrogacy.

However, the pair’s pregnancy bliss has now turned to dismay.

The couple allege that the surrogate they chose is putting their baby’s life at risk.

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is sitting down with the couple as they share their concerns on ‘TSR Investigates.’

Quran & Cheryl Mccain Open Up About Their Surrogacy Journey

According to Carter, Quran, 26, and Cheryl, 64, have been documenting their surrogacy journey on social media. However, their blissful period has now hit rocky waters. On Father’s Day, the pregnant surrogate reportedly informed the couple that she was no longer interested in “doing this anymore.”

“For the last two weeks, I’ve been going through hell — literally, hell,” Quran told his followers before breaking down in tears in a recent TikTok. “I don’t know if she’s going to kill my baby or what, but right now, at this point, I just need prayer. I need peace ’cause I’m tired of fighting for something I’ve been wanting for so f*****g long…”

Carter says the couple’s surrogate is a Caucasian woman in her 20s from Alabama. The woman reportedly messaged the couple on social media, offering to carry their child.

When asked if they took the time to do their research on the woman, the couple declined.

“No, we did not,” Quran told Carter. “She didn’t have no medical issues or nothing — as far as when we met and we discussed it in person… That next year, she told us some different stories… but we didn’t think it was nothing major until she actually lived with us.”

The Viral Age Gap Couple Detail Their Concerns

According to the couple, the woman’s personality was nothing like they anticipated. Additionally, she allegedly asked the couple for money, and Cheryl even noted her as being manipulative.

The couple’s allegations don’t end there. Quran and Cheryl informed Carter that their surrogate is allegedly addicted to drugs.

Scroll above to watch as the couple further details their concerns and surrogacy process and responds to public criticism of their actions. Additionally, a lawyer speaks with Carter about what the surrogacy process typically entails and what couples should do before embarking on that route to expand their family. 

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