While the innanet is going up over Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assaf lip-locking, sis is feeling unbothered! At least, that’s the energy she gave when she went live from their “last day” in St. Barts.

Aoki Lee filmed herself inside of a car while accompanied by Vittorio. It has been about 24 hours since they went viral for their beachside PDA.

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See Photos Of Aoki Lee Simmons And Vittorio Assaf In St. Barts Sand
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Aoki Lee Confirms Vittorio Is Her Man

As mentioned, on Saturday (April 6), Aoki went live on her Instagram. LiveBitez caught the footage of the 21-year-old seemingly confirming that 65-year-old Assaf is her “boyfriend.”

Despite the innanet having plenty to say about the 44-year gap between them, Aoki revealed she’s feeling “happy.” The video starts with her revealing it’s their “last day” on the Caribbean island.

“I’m so sad, but I’m very sad, very happy and when I return home everybody who knows me will be getting a happier, more chilled-out version of me,” Simmons said.

She added that her “boyfriend” was checking in at the airport in advance. Then, he joined her in the car, and during the drive, she asked him his “favorite part” of their trip so far. She kept him off-camera and he laughed before getting straight to the question!

“You…to be with you,” Vittorio Assaf said.

As the video continued, Aoki Lee used “baby” while addressing her man, asking him at one point about visiting Kenya. to sum it up, he responded by calling a visit there dangerous, and she suggested Japan. He agreed. Then, they talked about crepes.

Watch their interaction below. 

As we last told y’all Vittorio is the co-founder of New York City’s Serafina chain restaurants. The Italian millionaire was married for over 20 years until his divorce in 2021. His last girlfriend is reportedly 23-year-old model Nya Gatbel, per Page Six.

Meanwhile, Aoki’s Parents Recently Said THIS

This isn’t the first time in the last 24 hours that Aoki has popped up unbothered on her social media. On Friday, after Page Six first reported the photos, Aoki teased the internet with a selfie. The Harvard grad wrote, “Errrr well now I know why folks were calling me.” 

Meanwhile, her mother, Kimora Lee Simmons, shared a video showing a mother panda bear trying to get her baby to stay put. Russell Simmons also chimed in, sharing a throwback photo with his daughter and reminding her he loves her.

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