Sea of Thieves offers players a chance to become pirates, sailing the Caribbean on their own ship. But with three different ship types to choose from, which one is right for you? Let’s dive into the details of each vessel to help you make the best choice for your adventures, according to a Dexerto report.


The Sloop is the smallest ship, perfect for solo pirates or duos. Its small size makes it incredibly maneuverable, allowing for quick getaways when facing tough opponents. While it lacks firepower, it can deal more damage with its ram attack and takes less damage from enemy rams.The ship can accommodate a crew of up to two members and features one mast and two cannons. It can store up to 9600 cannonballs in total, which are kept in two barrels, each containing 80 stock.

The Brigantine strikes a balance between size and speed, accommodating a crew of three. It can outrun a Sloop with the wind and a Galleon against it. With better firepower than the Sloop, it’s a formidable choice for crews aiming for versatility and power.

The vessel can support a crew of up to three individuals and is equipped with two masts and four cannons. It can store a maximum of 14,400 cannonballs in total, which are stored in three barrels, each containing 45 stock.Galleon
The Galleon is the largest and most powerful ship, built for crews of four. Its size and armament make it a force to be reckoned with in combat. However, its sheer size makes maneuvering a challenge, requiring coordinated efforts from the crew.

The maximum crew capacity is four people, with the ship boasting three masts and eight cannons. It can store up to 14,400 cannonballs in total, housed in three barrels, each containing 45 stock.


What is the smallest ship in Sea of Thieves, and how many players can it accommodate?
The Sloop is the smallest ship, designed for solo players or two-person crews.

Which ship type in Sea of Thieves offers the best balance between speed, firepower, and crew size?
The Brigantine is the most balanced ship, accommodating a crew of 3 and providing good speed and firepower compared to the other two ship types.

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