The final area of Animal Well.

Screenshot: Shaded Memory / Kotaku

After completing layer two, you’ll see that your save file now has a bunny icon with a number next to it. So, as you may guess from this hint, the objective of layer three is to find 16 bunnies hiding behind predominantly esoteric puzzles. Whereas layers one and two were exploration based, layer three will involve decoding ciphers (which typically involve using the Animal Flute) and looking carefully at background details for clues. You’re bound to have noticed loads of these while playing earlier, but now’s the time to put on your detective hat.

You will get stuck in layer three of Animal Well without outside help, for two distinct reasons. Firstly, the puzzles here are tricky enough that you’ll want to trade tips and tricks with others to find every hidden bunny. Secondly, one bunny specifically requires assembling a puzzle that consists of 50 distinct pieces, and you’ll only see one of them on your file. In other words, unless you have at least 49 friends playing this game alongside you, you’re going to need to look up solutions here.

Fortunately, if you’re determined to solve layer three all on your own, you can click here to use a tool that will help you solve this 50-person puzzle on your own.

After collecting the 16 bunnies, a new puzzle will appear inside the house you found after completing layer one. By solving this, you’ll get a series of directions that you’ll need to follow by flying on the manticore in the ending area of layer two. This will take you to a secret island that houses a neat secret for your troubles. Congratulations! You very probably actually finished the game!

A secret room in Animal Well.

Screenshot: Shaded Memory / Kotaku

Your reward for completing layer three: Unlike the first two layers, the credits won’t roll again. Instead, you’ll find a giant bunny that will swallow you, though fortunately you can escape through its rear end (I swear I’m not making this up). For reasons that only make sense within the lore of Animal Well, doing this will enable your protagonist to fly by pressing the jump button in midair.

A cool reward for sure, but it does lack a bit of punch considering you have no more game to explore. Unless…

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