In The Witness, players will find themselves waking up on a remote island, and that’s pretty much it. The island itself is full of puzzles (over 500), and there are many different types of puzzles to solve. Some are simple enough to solve, but things do get tricky as you progress. Solving the puzzles are a critical part of the game, as they will help you discover your identity (it’s unknown in the beginning) and how you got on the island in the first place.

Controls in The Witness are simple and intuitive, with the game teaching you the ropes as you go in the start. To move, just tap on where you want to go, and you’ll walk over there. Swiping horizontally on the screen lets you move the camera around so you can check what’s surrounding you. Tapping on puzzle screens takes you into the puzzle. If you double-tap where you want to go, it makes your character run instead of walk. A tap with two fingers stops you in your tracks.

You can download the game for $7.99.

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