A man is accusing Lil Durk‘s 10-year-old son of committing a violent crime at the request of his mother, Travonna Collier. Joshua Pippens first brought the super wild narrative to social media this past weekend. Pippens claims to be the stepfather of Jerome Harris Jr., alleging he also shares a daughter with the child’s mother.

Lil Durk’s Son Accused Of Firing A Gun At Stepfather

On Instagram, Joshua alleged that Jerome Harris Jr. shot him during a domestic dispute with the mother.  Pippens shared the posts via the IG account @reezy_dgf, which now seems to be unavailable on the platform.

He shared surveillance footage dated July 1, 2024. In the caption, he claimed he was “not the aggressor.” The weapon allegedly belonged to the stepfather, and he was carrying it on his waistband when the incident occurred.

“As y’all can see I was not the aggressor and y’all also can see how I still had my gun on my hip, he grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and tried to shoot me and then actually shot me. I advise y’all see it before they take it down,” he wrote.

Joshua Pippens further addressed the incident in his Instagram Story. He revealed that he has custody of his kids, and Travonna Collier doesn’t. Despite being shot, he expressed gratitude that the boy didn’t shoot his own mother. “That’s still my daughter’s mom, but she knows like ik,” he wrote.

“…I was trying to protect myself from getting shot. I never thought in a million years thought a kid I bought 4 wheelers and paid for football leagues and everything would do this but he only knows what mom shows him. I still love him like he’s mines,” Joshua Pippens shared another post, adding a middle finger emoticon.

Stepfather Shares Police Documentation Of The Incident

In an additional post, Joshua Pippens shared a photo of what appears to be a police report detailing what Lil Durk’s son, Jerome, told the cops. The boy said that his mother and Pippens were engaged in an argument at Joshua’s home despite his pleas for them to stop. At one point, the child got out of the car and pushed Pippens.

Additionally, he admitted that his mother also had a gun, but hers “didn’t go off,” and Pippens was allegedly trying to get the weapon away from his mom. When Joshua’s gun fell to the ground, Jerome said he picked it up and shot Pippens to protect his mom. He also admitted that his mother and stepfather have “yelled” at each other before and that Travonna gets “really mad, really fast.”

The police report recommended that Travonna’s three children, including Jerome, are “children in need of services” from the Indiana Department of Child Services. Additionally, the report recommended continued removal from the mother’s care, requesting authorization for “relative care, kinship care or foster care” and unsupervised visitation for Joshua Pippens and Lil Durk (real name: Durk Banks).

“I pray y’all favorite rapper takes full custody of Romeo and I get full custody of mines. Call me what y’all wanna call me, it’s bout the kids at the end of the day,” Joshua Pippens wrote on IG Story.

Lil Durk has yet to comment on the situation, but Pippens also shared that his intentions is not for anyone to go to jail, per Daily Mail.

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