Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new “Majesty and Magnolia” Star Path sports plenty of exciting new motifs, furniture items, clothes, and more to uncover. To do so, however, you’ll need to earn currency by completing 80 duties. Below, we’ve compiled the full list of “Majesty and Magnolia” Star Path duties along with tips on how to complete them.

Cooking Duties

These duties require you to make different dishes or serve meals at Chez Remy. For the basic cooking duties, feel free to make any meal that matches the star rating of the request. If necessary, take a look in the Collection menu for recipes.

  • Become a 3-star chef – Cook 3-star meals
  • Become a four-star chef – Cook 4-star meals
  • Cook a five-star dinner – Cook 5-star meals
  • Cook a five-star meal finisher – Cook a 5-star dessert
  • Cook a five-star starter – Cook 5-star appetizers
  • Cook a four-star dinner – Cook 4-star entrees
  • Cook a four-star starter – Cook 4-star appetizers
  • Fill orders at Chez Remy – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Help out in Chez Remy – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Serve a couple of tables in the restaurant – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Serve some grub at Chez Remy – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Serve up some grub in Chez Remy – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Wait some tables in Chez Remy – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Whip up a 4-star meal finisher – Cook 4-star desserts
  • Work a shift at Chez Remy – Serve meals at Chez Remy

Character Duties

These duties involve completing specific tasks related to characters in your valley, such as hanging out or having daily conversations with them. You’ll also be required to give a set number of favorite gifts to certain villagers — and you can check each person’s favorite gifts by scrolling over their avatar in the Character menu.

  • Bring a little mermaid her favorite gifts – Give favorite gifts to Ariel
  • Bring an ice harvester his favorites – Give favorite gifts to Kristoff
  • Bring favorite gifts to a villager named after a flower – Give favorite gifts to Daisy
  • Bring gifts for Casita’s resident – Give favorite gifts to Mirabel
  • Bring Mulan her favorites – Give Mulan her favorite gifts
  • Chat with a powerfully frosty villager – Have daily conversations with Elsa
  • Chat with a robot with a collection – Have daily conversations with WALL-E
  • Chat with a Villager from Motonui – Have daily conversations with Moana
  • Give a clumsy villager his favorites – Give Goofy his favorite gifts
  • Give Minnie some of her favorites – Give Minnie her favorite gifts
  • Give Remy a hand in the Restaurant – Serve meals at Chez Remy
  • Give the Pumpkin King his favorite gifts – Give favorite gifts to Jack Skellington
  • Hang out with a glitchy villager – Hang out with Vanellope
  • Hang out with a tantrum-prone villager – Hang out with Donald Duck
  • Hang out with a one-eyed villager – Hang out with Mike Wazowski
  • Hang out with an un-meltable Villager – Hang out with Olaf
  • Hang out with Simba’s uncle – Hang out with Scar
  • Say “bonjour” to a tiny chef – Have daily conversations with Remy
  • Spend time with a fella whose initials are M.M. – Hang out with Mickey Mouse
  • Spend time with a long-bearded Villager – Hang out with Merlin
  • Spend time with the mother who knows best – Hang out with Mother Gothel
  • Talk to a small, fiery guardian – Have daily conversations with Mushu
  • Talk to the King of Pride Rock – Have daily conversations with Simba
  • Talk with a ranger from Star Command – Have daily conversations with Buzz Lightyear
  • Talk with a transformed Prince – Have daily conversations with Beast

Fishing Duties

These duties require you to fish throughout your valley. You can find where each fish can be caught by looking in your Collection menu.

  • Cast out for some trout – Go fishing for Rainbow Trout
  • Go fish – Go fishing anywhere
  • Go fish for a Lancet – Go fishing for Lancet
  • Go fish for Bream – Go fishing for Bream
  • Go fish for some Pike – Go fishing for Pike
  • Go fish for Tilapia – Go fishing for Tilapia
  • Go fish for Tuna – Go fishing for Tuna
  • Go fish for White Sturgeon – Go fishing for White Sturgeon

Harvesting Duties

These duties send you to harvest various vegetables, fruits, and spices. If you’re having trouble remembering where any of these can be found, you can find their locations in your Collection menu.

  • Harvest a pungent Forest of Valor wild crop – Harvest Garlic
  • Harvest an energetic bean – Harvest Coffee Beans
  • Harvest the main ingredient in Hot Cocoa – Harvest Cocoa Beans
  • Pick an herb that starts with “B” – Harvest Basil

Mining Duties

These duties send you to mine for a variety of gems throughout the valley. You can check where to find each of these in your Collection menu. Since gem drops are random and nodes take some time to respawn, these duties may take a lot of time.

  • Find purple gems with your pickaxe – Mine nodes for Amethysts
  • Find Shiny Citrine with your pickaxe – Mine for Shiny Citrines
  • Mine for gems – Mine nodes for any gem
  • Mine for something shiny – Mine nodes for shiny gems
  • Mine green gems in the Forest or Glade – Mine nodes for Emeralds
  • Put your pickaxe to work – Mine any nodes
  • Use your pickaxe to find a rare diamond – Mine nodes for Shiny Diamonds

Miscellaneous Duties

These duties require you to complete Dreamlight Duties, remove Night Thorns and/or Splinters of Fate around your valley, and craft items—the latter of which can be completed at any crafting bench in the game. Additionally, you’ll need to submit DreamSnaps photos and vote on other folks’ entries, which you can do by visiting the Event section in the menu and scrolling down to the Voting tab.

  • Banish the Forgetting – Remove Night Thorns or Splinters of Fate
  • Clear away signs of the Forgetting – Remove Night Thorns or Splinters of Fate
  • Complete regal duties – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Complete some more regal tasks – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Craft any balloon arch – Craft a balloon arch at a crafting table
  • Craft some mannequins – Craft mannequins at a crafting bench
  • Cross some items off your Royal to-do list – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Do your royal duty – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Enter into a DreamSnaps contest – Submit a DreamSnaps entry
  • Finish off Royal to-dos – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Finish some royal tasks – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Get crafty – Craft some items at a crafting bench
  • Make ingots at a crafting table – Craft any ingots at a crafting table
  • Submit an entry to DreamSnaps – Submit a DreamSnaps entry
  • Submit to Dreamsnaps – Submit a DreamSnaps entry
  • Tackle Royal Tasks – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Tackle some royal tasks – Complete Dreamlight Duties
  • Vote in DreamSnaps – Cast votes for the weekly DreamSnaps challenge
  • Uproot and eliminate the Forgetting – Remove Night Thorns or Splinters of Fate

We can’t promise it’ll be quick and easy, but once you wrap these duties, you’ll have a nice selection of furnishings and clothing for your character.

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