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Artificial intelligence can help people feel heard

A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) found AI-generated messages made recipients feel more “heard” than messages generated


OpenAI makes ChatGPT smarter and quicker for paying users

OpenAI just announced an update to its LLM (large language model) called GPT-4 Turbo – it is an improvement over the GPT-4 model that uses


Indie game studio Possibility Space shuts down, CEO blames a reporter

Possibility Space, an independent game studio with employees distributed across the globe, was abruptly shut down today by its CEO Jeff Strain, former employees revealed


Here’s why Trump’s DJT stock and others like it are lagging the market

Hard-to-short stocks can become hugely overvalued. Source link


The go-to cheat for feeding your kids—Lunchables—has lead in it, and maker Kraft says it is a naturally occurring part of food products

The fun, colorful packaging aimed at kids and the ease of use for parents makes it hard to accept that Lunchables actually contain harmful heavy


First AI-Generated Romance Film Looks Like Crap

TV maker TCL announced its first original short film—Next Stop Paris—and excitedly confirmed that it was made using AI-generation tools. They didn’t need to tell


Coachella 2024 YouTube Livestream Schedule & Details

Much of the 2024 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will stream live on YouTube, and, today, the festival has announced the schedule. As we


Sugar Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Shibuya Crossing

As is the case with many series that drop on Apple TV+, conversation surrounding Sugar is practically nonexistent, save for a few old Reddit


'What a finish!' | Bundu expertly puts Plymouth ahead against Leicester

Leicester City’s hopes of automatic promotion were dealt a blow as Mustapha Bundu struck first for Plymouth Argyle. Source link


Unlock 10 Travel Hacks For Women On A Weight Loss Path ► Slim Damsel

90 / 100 Embarking on a weight loss journey for women doesn’t mean giving up on feeling fantastic while traveling. Finding that sweet spot between